Resetting router

  Sapins 26 Feb 12

Router is Netgear DG834Gv2. I cannot access the site so if I reset the router will I lose all the settings or just have to reset the user name and password? Also if I want to wirelessly connect a laptop and a Kindle will they pick up the connection automatically?

  onthelimit1 26 Feb 12

If you reset the router you'll lose all settings, and the router login will revert to admin and password. Why do you need to access the router?

For wireless devices, you need to scan for available networks, select your router then input the wireless security key (often on the base/back of the router).

  buteman 26 Feb 12

You will have to reset the username and password and thats all I know about it.Did it with the one I have Netgear WGR614.

Maybe someone can tell you how to reset it first to save you going through all of that.

Laptop should pick it up but you may have to reboot it first then add the password.

  Sapins 26 Feb 12

Hi, thanks for your quick reply, I thought I needed to access the router to "allow" other computers etc: to access the connection, but, I will try your suggestion first, good job I wrote down the settings! Regards, Sapins.

  Sapins 26 Feb 12

Buteman, Found out how to reset it but I don't need to now. The laptop picked it up and asked for the encription key and it connected straight away. Thank you both for your help, Regards, Sapins.

  rdave13 26 Feb 12

Usually just rebooting the Netgear will allow you to get to the login page.

  buteman 26 Feb 12
  buteman 26 Feb 12

Oops should have updated before posting.


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