Reselling.... should I take the plunge?

  IClaudio 09 Nov 08

Reselling has often been mentioned hereabouts, but is it a profitable business?

I'm semi-retired and not looking to make a fortune, or even a living, but I'm happy to invest a couple of hundred pounds a year on a Reseller Account if I can recoup that amount and maybe make a little pin money on top.

I realize that several people here (FE, Taran and Hightower among others) have been Resellers for several years and obviously doing well, but is there room still in the market?

Heart Internet, e.g., make it look a simple business to run, but has anyone more realistic advice?

  Forum Editor 09 Nov 08

I started reselling because of the nature of my work - I needed a system whereby I could offer clients a one-stop-shop in terms of web design, hosting, and email services, and reselling was the answer.

At its simplest it's very straightforward - you offer people domain name registration and hosting packages, and hope that they'll sign up. Unfortunately it doesn't stay that simple for long - you'll be involved in servicing the clients around the clock, 365 days of the year, and where websites and email are concerned people don't like to be kept waiting for very long - they need answers, and they need them quickly.

It helps to know a bit about server configurations and domain name administration, and you definitely need a good service provider - modern data centre facilities with 24/7/365 monitoring and redundancy. The very last thing you want is for a server to go down and stay down on a Friday evening before a public holiday.

I know of nobody who makes serious money as a reseller - I certainly don't, but then I didn't go into it with that in mind. You can certainly make some money if you work at it, but it is hard work - the competition is fierce.

  IClaudio 10 Nov 08

Thanks for the reply, FE, pretty much as I thought!


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