reprogramming ink cartridges?????????

  fredo3 15:09 02 Mar 04


As I understand it.....purchasing compatible ink cartridges without a chip means the ink level indicator will not work but the cartridge functions normally.....Am I correct?

I read adverts for chip re-programmers for around £12 but is it really worth it just to see the ink levels?

Any further information would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

  fredo3 15:34 19 Mar 04


  SANTOS7 15:53 19 Mar 04

Fredo i use compat ink carts for an epson680
you are right about the ink level indicators as they do not work on mine but the carts work perfectly well. your printer will tell you when a particular colour has ran out i have a light indicator on mine or the colours will be wrong you will know if one of your primary colours has ran out for example if red runs out you are left with blue/yellow so your printing will be predominantly green and so-on so spending £12.00
on a chip re-prog would to me not be worth it

  woodchip 16:17 19 Mar 04

They will not work for a Epson 680 if the chip is not reset, I know as I have both. as for ink cartridges these are where I get mine click here

  woodchip 16:26 19 Mar 04

You may need to reload Printer Drivers for your printer as my Ink level works OK with Compat

  SANTOS7 17:26 19 Mar 04

I havn't tried that, thanks for the additional info Woodchip i will let you know how i get on
thanks again...........

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