Replacing a Pc Power Supply

  Al 13:27 12 Jun 04

I have a Compaq Presario 7482 running AMD K6-2 550 Mhz. the power supply has blown when I removed it, it read that it was 154w.5 volts. Total output not to exceed 90w. Can I replace it with a standard atx power supply with a biger output say 300w or will it do any blow the PC or burn out the motherboard

thanks al

  Eric10 13:53 12 Jun 04

If the PSU is a standard size unit then you can replace it with one of higher output. However, when a PSU is of an especially low output then it is often because it is of a non standard size designed to fit into a propietary case. If this is true then you are stuck with buying a replacement from Compaq or you may want to consider buying a new case with a PSU already fitted and swap all your parts across.

  Dorsai 14:21 12 Jun 04

Knowing how all companies love to charge extra for bits specially made for them (cant spell propriety to save my life) you best bet is probably to get a new case, that will take standard sized PSU's, and may well be cheaper. Also lets you upgrade PSU in future.

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