Replacing OS 95 with 98SE

  onokeck 18:32 06 Aug 05

I've looked through the thread search with no luck on these particular systems, so thought I'd ask. I have acquired a PC with Win 95. I have another PC with Win 98SE. I have the Win 98SE CD, but when I try to load over 95 it goes through the steps, but in the end says that I can't load Win 98SE as there is already an OS on the machine. Both these PCs are used in my workshop as my little "toys" or working tools if you like. You know, something a relative novice like myself can experiment with without wiping out several hundred pounds of gear! Any advise/comments will be appreciated. Casey

  VoG II 18:38 06 Aug 05

Try one of these methods click here

  Stuartli 19:33 06 Aug 05

Usefl help at: click here

Direct help at:

Unofficial 98SE Service Pack at:

click here

you will also need to check Windows Update for any later patches etc not included in this service pack, as well as download IE6, DirectX9 and WMP9.

It could well be added to your existing Windows98SE system if it's not been done...:-)

DUN 1.4 update for 98SE at:

click here

  onokeck 14:01 07 Aug 05

I'm sorry I closed the thread (resolved) without thanking those who responded. I now have Win95 up and running thanks to the combined responses I received. It always amazes me how readily all you guys respond to the needs of us who are not really up to speed in this field. It is really reassuring to know that I (we) have this avenue of approach. The advise and help that I have got from this forum in nealy 400 visits (not all for help, I might add), would have cost me an arm & leg if I had called in a "PC Doctor". I only hope that I can become clever enough one day to enable me to share some knowledge with those who need it Thanks again to all, Casey.

  Jaro 18:01 07 Aug 05


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