replacing noisy laptop fans

  borage 06:41 29 Oct 04

My Evesham laptop has a very noisy fan which runs constantly - I sent it back and they claim to have replaced it although there is no noticeable difference. Can laptop fans be upgraded with quieter ones? If I can't solve this I will have to replace my computer - it is unbearable!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:05 29 Oct 04

I don't think that you will be able to replace the fan but you may be able to adjust some settings in the BIOS to determine when it kicks in.

  captain birdseye 10:22 29 Oct 04

Had this very recently at work.....supplier replaced the fan (allegedly) difference. Ended up replacing the computer because it was unbearable to work with the constant hi pitched whine of the fan. Old laptop was 'badged' from a reputable supplier (it was most likely a Mitac chasis...that was their usual manufacturer). Changed for a Toshiba and either a) the fan has never cut in, b) its so quiet you don't notice, c) I've gone deaf from the last fan, but whatever the reason the new Tosh is bliss.
Sorry its such an expensive solution.

  borage 22:37 29 Oct 04

Diodorus - can you tell me more about adjusting the settings in BIOS? I've never tried to do anything in there before.

Captain - I am serously considering this option! I can't understand why there is such differing standards on such basic technology.

  terryr48 23:36 29 Oct 04

I have my laptop sitting on a laptop cooler, these are available for about £30.00 which is cheaper than replacing your laptop. Since I have had one of these my laptop fan has hardly ever cut in, even in the height of summer. Mine has twin fans and you can hardly here them at all. you can get these from e-buyer, simply, etc, etc.

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