Replacing Dell heatsink fan

  Tangy 21:26 12 Mar 06

I recently bought a Dell Dimension 3100 PC & was wondering if a replacement heatsink fan would be quieter. It is very quiet already, but I was wondering if it could be even more quiter.

I have read that some fans could only be heard if you put your ear to the casing. Could that be done to my Dell?

  gudgulf 21:56 12 Mar 06

This is the website for you if you are looking to silence your here

Along with the heatsink/fan on the cpu you will probably need to consider changing the psu too and any case fans.

As your pc is a Dell you will need to check if it uses a standard ATX power supply or not. Dell sometimes use custom built components that are not directly interchangeable with standard parts.

  Tangy 00:06 17 Apr 06

Thanks gudgulf.

I have a further question, does anyone know how to replace the fan, i.e. which screws do I need to unscrew to get to the fan?

  terryf 00:10 17 Apr 06

Be aware that you will probably void your warranty (if any).
Try a google with'replace heatsink fan' and you will get lots of hits that may well help you, you need to identify which processor you have.

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