replacing BT HH3 rouer and also modem

  pookie 04 May 13

Good evening,

Windows 7, BT Infinity 2, HH3, BT modem and using homeplugs to main pc but also wireless for phones etc.

I get about 30Mb down and 4Mb up with IP Profile 31 if that helps.

Rather than having a HH3 and also a modem can I get a modem router in one device that is compatible with BT Infinity 2 or must I use their products on their line for some reason. The HH3 has been playing up recently and have read reports that it's not that good and throwing out wireless signal. Kids laptops signals drop quite often. I don't want to get wifi range extenders.

If I can use a modem router in one can you recommend any. Ideally less than £100.


  pookie 04 May 13

I've seen this for £79: TP-LINK N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router

Would that work with Infinity 2?

  northumbria61 04 May 13
  northumbria61 04 May 13

Then this here conflicts with the above enter link description here

  pookie 05 May 13

Thank you. Looking on various forums as even on BT website some posts say you can and some say not so I'm none the wiser

  onthelimit1 05 May 13

Hmm. I posted an answer, but it hasn't appeared! Looks to me as though you must use the provided modem, but can connect a 3rd party router to that.

  pookie 05 May 13

onthelimit1 - yes, you are right. Thanks


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