replacing background scenery on photo

  bigduvat 16 Jun 12

I have been trying the simple method of replacing background on a composite photo of two people!!? So far in spite of many attempts I cannot do it.-is it because I have two versions of photoshop on my PC.? One is photoshop 7 and the other is photoshop elements 10. Can anyone help?

  lotvic 17 Jun 12

Lazarus The 2nd, those instructions seem a bit flawed to me. Ctrl + V doesn't paste as a floating layer and some of the other instructions don't work either.

I'm using PaintShopPro (so some of the terms are slightly different). I roughly lasso the outline of object/people and copy then paste as new image (on a transparent background). Then tidy up edges of object by deleting/rubbing out the bits I don't want. Then copy it and paste as a transparent selection layer onto the background pic. I can grab it and move into the position I want to sit it on the background pic.

  BRYNIT 17 Jun 12

If you do a search of the web you will find lots of tutorials on how to use Photoshop.

Click here One tutorial on how to change the background, I hope it helps.

  bigduvat 17 Jun 12

to brynit-every instruction goes to plan thank you until unfortunately when I get to the stage of opening a new background it downloads onto project bin,but it also appears as photo and the layers disappear leaving a background layer showing the new photo-what am I doing wrong from there?

  bigduvat 17 Jun 12

to brynit-I tried again and this time I opened up the two photos to photoshop before following your instructions-I'm delighted to report it works! thanks again.

  wee eddie 19 Jun 12

I know that this may sound silly but:-

You appear to be trying to replace the Background behind a number of Figures.

Why not place the Figures in front of the new Background

  bigduvat 19 Jun 12

hello eddie-how do I do that?

P.S. I know I'm stupid!!


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