Replacing AVG free with Avast 4 home edition

  heidelberg 06:28 14 Apr 07

I have decided to replace AVG free with Avast 4 home edition - anything I need to know about replacing one with the other to prevent any clashes?


  Technotiger 06:56 14 Apr 07

Hi, when you have downloaded Avast and before Installing Avast, go off-line then un-install AVG, then Install Avast - then re-start pc as normal. Should never have two anti-virus on one pc.

  johnnyrocker 10:09 14 Apr 07

i switched to avast when the last update from AVG killed my av and it wouldnt uninstall or anything, so far very pleased with avast.


  anskyber 10:29 14 Apr 07

If you cannot get rid of AVG in the usual way they do have an uninstaller on their web site.

I am with Avast and it's pleasing to use.

  provider 2 11:36 14 Apr 07

I`m a fan of Avast! too. My only problem with it is that I`ve spent too much time fooling around with their alternative skins, one of which, "Bionic" made me feel sick!click here

Oh, and the VRDB (a sort of System Restore) takes forever to run.

  heidelberg 12:34 14 Apr 07

Thanks to all - the deleteing AVG then installing Avast seems to have gone well.


  Technotiger 12:36 14 Apr 07

Grreat, thanks for the feedback.

  MAJ 12:39 14 Apr 07

I went th'other way.... from Avast to AVG... Avast seemed very hungry.

  Stuartli 14:42 14 Apr 07

There's a new version of Avast! just available (4.7.981).

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