Replacing adsl modem with a router.

  Meshuga 13:28 19 Oct 04

I use Win XP with a USB BB modem and am thinking of replacing the modem with a router/modem. Will insalling the settings for the router in any way affect the original modem settings so that if, for any reason I wished to go back to the modem, I would be able to do so. On the face of it I should be able to but would like confirmation please. Meshuga.

  xania 14:09 19 Oct 04

Hi Meshuga.

The settings for the router (number to dial, user name, password) will be held within the router itself and not within Windows. I think you will find the same applies for your existing modem. That being the case, each will be unaffected by anything you do with the other.

I assume that you're getting the router in order to network more than one PC for your internet connection. This being the case, a quick word of caution. Normally networking two PC's requires a crossover cable between them. Networking two PCs to the router requires a straight cable between each and the modem. You will find that one is supplied with the router - make sure you get the correct type for the second PC.

Also, check that your first PC connects to the Internet before attempting to connect the second - you'll find it easier to trace problems that way.

  Muzzsjm 15:17 19 Oct 04

I replaced my old ADSL modem with a router. It was a Netgear router with inbuilt firewall etc and it does the job perfectly.

All I had to do was open up an IE window, type an IP address when click Smart Setup and Netgears router detected all my settings.

I am on BT BB which doesn't require a username or password, if your with another provider they way have to give you the settings and you manually put them in.

Its very easy to setup other PC's on a home network with.

  Meshuga 16:00 19 Oct 04

xania and Muzzsjm for your replies and advice.Regards, Meshuga.

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