Replacement video card for Radeon X600

  ginlynne 15:43 22 Feb 09

It would appear from the advice that I have received on here etc., that the video card in my three year old Dell Dimension 5150 is cream crackered.
Microsoft windows xp media center edition with service pack 3
Intel Pentium 4 cpu 3.00ghz 2.99 ghz 1.00GB ram
Sorry don't know anything about the PSU :-(
Any help in a replacement would be appreciated, and I should have also added that my daughter uses the pc to play The Sims 2 plus all seventeen add-ons.

  PO79 15:46 22 Feb 09

Replacement Dell part click here

  Marko797 16:01 22 Feb 09

psu for dell dimension shows at c.300w.

Do u want a replacement X600 (like for like), or a newer card ginlynne?

  ginlynne 16:16 22 Feb 09

If I could have a better card, I would probably prefer that.

  citadel 16:38 22 Feb 09

ati hd4550 should fit the bill.

  ginlynne 12:13 25 Feb 09

If I go for the ati Hd4550, that's all I have to do is simply swop them?

  Marko797 13:22 25 Feb 09

yes, it's quite simple really. Switch off PC, open side panel, disconnect & take out the old, and insert the new carefully, ensuring it is seated correctly. There should be a locking lug also so make sure this is in place on the new card. Just a small bit of white plastic which stops the card becoming loose. The power connectors should be self explanatory.

I think the 4350 might do you if cost is an issue.

Once installed, go to the ATI site and dl the latest catalyst control centre complete with drivers. These should self install if you hit 'run' after dloading. Good luck with it.

  ginlynne 17:32 25 Feb 09

Could I buy the Hd 4670?????

  ginlynne 17:38 25 Feb 09

Just found out that it requires 550 watt, so no.

  Marko797 17:45 25 Feb 09

yes, watch out for the wattage requirements.

Between the 4550 and 4350 I don't think there's much difference performance wise. When u buy, just make sure it's PCI-e and not AGP. Not many AGPs about mindyou, so you should be reasonably safe.

  ginlynne 18:07 25 Feb 09

Thanks so much for all your help, I am currently trawling through google searches for a Hd4550

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