Replacement PSU help

  PC_HelpMe 16:36 06 Aug 06

I've been told i need a new psu for my computer but don't know how much they cost, or the best (and cheapest) place to get one from. I guess they are supplied with the wires already conntected - if not, I defintely need one with the wires already on.

Not knowing anything about computers, the model number of mine is: FSP145-60SP.

Can anybody help me with where the best and cheapest place (online) would be - or should I just go to my nearest computer fair?.

Sorry for what is probably a really stupid question, but I know hardly anything about computers and need all of your help!

  SANTOS7 16:40 06 Aug 06

Bought one a couple of weeks ago from local highstreet store 450watt £15:00

  ExTrEmEbLoWoUt 16:41 06 Aug 06

well aparantly the psu u had is only 145w ! who said you need a new psu ? what os are you running windows xp ?? how much ram >? what speed proccessor ? how did the psu fail ? all this is needed, to ensure you get the correct 1

  ExTrEmEbLoWoUt 16:42 06 Aug 06

how many fans have you got in the computer all together ?

  seedie 16:45 06 Aug 06

They come with all the connectors "ready to go" but unless you're really strapped for cash i wouldn't get the cheapest you can lay your hands on, also you need to look at the wattage of your existing one and buy one with a bit more if you can.


  SANTOS7 16:46 06 Aug 06

There isn't a "correct one" they are not dedicated, mine was off the shelf just more wattage than the one i replaced, if you are not sure take your tower to a highstreet store explain what you want and i am sure they will advise you accordingly, put it in for a nominal fee, and back off home you bob..

  PC_HelpMe 16:47 06 Aug 06

To ExTrEmEbLoWoUt:
I posted some help on this website a week or so ago and was told that my problem would most likely be a knackered PSU - computer sort of made "popping sound" and shut off but then when I pressed power button, fans worked, but no lights at all came on at front and would not boot up). I thought I could try getting cheap replacement one just to recover my work from it (computer about 8 years old now) and I have just got a new one anyway - just thought this was maybe the easier (for me) option to recover my work.

  PC_HelpMe 16:51 06 Aug 06

Operating System - Windows 98SE
Ram = 512Mb

  ExTrEmEbLoWoUt 16:55 06 Aug 06

yeh thats cool mate ! well when you go to buy 1 then just get a cheap 1 make sure its over 145watts do you want some websites ? i would personally go to your local computer shop ! just get 1 thats over 145watts and you should be laughing ! thats the trouble it may not be the psu ! so dont go spending a bomb on 1, let me know how you get on !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:56 06 Aug 06

1. do you want to repair the old PC or scarp it?

2. you can use a USB to IDE cable click here or and external caddy to connect your old hard drive to your new machine.

  SANTOS7 17:45 06 Aug 06

you wanna go out and come back in again Fruit Bat /\0/\ me old coconut, i think yous in the wrong thread..

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