Replacement for Microsoft Money

  mgak 23:37 PM 28 Dec 11

I have been using MS Money for over 10 years, currently 'Money 2002', and am looking for replacement software into which I can import all the account info from 'Money' and continue downloading bank statements directly. Reason, 'Money' does not seem to do well with Windows 7.

  lotvic 00:48 AM 29 Dec 11

"continue downloading bank statements directly"

Suggest you look on your bank website first for the download options it gives you to see which programs it will download directly into.

  compumac 08:52 AM 29 Dec 11

I use Money 2005 that functions OK within Win 7.

  smokingbeagle 13:14 PM 29 Dec 11
  Woolwell 13:20 PM 29 Dec 11
  mgak 21:00 PM 29 Dec 11

Many thanx for responses. I am going to update to MS Money 2005 and hope that works ok on my Windows 7 laptop.

  compumac 21:31 PM 29 Dec 11

My Money 2005 used the original Money 2002 data converted to the 2005 version and works perfectly well within Win 7 using the same manner of working as you are already used to. BUT do remember to keep a copy of your original version of your 2002 data - just in case.


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