Replacement of laptop hard drive

  Munchkin 02 Jun 11

Is it possible to replace the hard drive on a lap top?

  Forum Editor 03 Jun 11

The answer to that is yes, it's a fairly simple operation. You access the drive bay by removing a few small screws on the back of the machine.

Make sure you get the right drive for your laptop's make and model, and proceed carefully. You'll obviously need to install an operating system on the new drive, so make sure you have the software available before you change drives.

You should also back up important data files from the old drive to CD/DVD, so you can easily transfer them onto the new drive.

  woodchip 03 Jun 11

Yes. What I did was First create a Image using Acronis True Image to a External USB Hard Drive I then changed the Laptop Hard Drive for the New one the Loaded the Image I had created

  gengiscant 03 Jun 11

Good idea to image your drive to your new drive, but no need to buy the bloated 'Acronis True Image' as 'easeus todo' works just as well and it is free.

  retep888™ 03 Jun 11


Agreed but I'd prefer Acronis True Image if it's free too. Buy Western Digital 2.5" IDE or Western Digital 2.5" SATA depending on your laptop's HDD connection.

Then you can download this FREE light version of Acronis True Image from WD Support.

How to use WD TrueImage User Guide

Much against my better judgement, I once did this. The keys are a) to get yourself the laptop manual so you can see which screws need to be undone, and b) to get the hard drive mounting the right way round... :-( In the event, it turned out to be a fairly straightforward job, and I was pleased with myself for having attempted it.


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