Replacement for HP 8250 Photosmart

  northumbria61 07 Sep 12

Hi All - I am looking to replace my HP 8250 Photosmart Printer which after 6 years has sadly reached the end of its working life (Ink System Failure) I have gone through all the system error procedures, removed CMOS battery and left it out for a while and even replaced the CMOS with a new one - still no go!

I have reached the conclusion it is past its sell by date and is now the time to give myself a treat!

I don't want an All-in-One if I can possibly avoid it as I have an excellent Canon 8600F scanner and I am not really bothered about Wi-Fi but that wouldn't be a problem.

I don't want to spend more than £100 - I can't seem to find a like for like replacement for the 8250 unless I go for All-in-One. I haven't had any problems with my current HP 8250 but I think maybe a change of manufacturer is on the cards for me.

I have narrowed down to Canon Pixma either iP4850 or iP4950 both of which are currently around the £60 mark or less.

I am looking for positive opinions/suggestions either about Canon or other manufacturers before deciding but I am looking mainly at a Single Function Colour Printer as opposed to an All-in-One.

Come on colleagues - it is time give me some advice. It's not every day that you need to buy a printer so I need to get it right.

  northumbria61 07 Sep 12

Should have added if I Have to go for an All-in-One (for features and Wi-Fi) I have been looking at the HP Photosmart 5510 and would welcome opinions on this from anyone who owns one.

  northumbria61 07 Sep 12

Jock1e Thanks for the prompt reply - will take a look at Argos.

  cruiser2 07 Sep 12

I have a Canon MX320 All In One. Got it in August 2010. Not had any problems. It was an exchange for an Epson which developed a fault after less than twelve months. Got it from PC World. Dont do much colour printing or photos. Like the rear tray for paper and the front which comes down when printing starts. Also ink cartridges are easy to change. Just lift up the plastic holder to remove the cartridge. Hope this helps

  northumbria61 07 Sep 12

cruiser2 thanks for that - I will take a look. I have been swaying towards a Canon. I don't do a lot of photo printing but I do like to print things off in colour whenever possible.

The HP one that I have to replace has served me well and it was about £130 (6yrs ago) but printers do seem to be a lot cheaper these days and they do have plenty of features. The choice is enormous (although the majority appear to be All-in-Ones) which is why it is difficult to decide. However I am beginning to make a short list!

  Woolwell 07 Sep 12

I'm very pleased with my Epson SX535WD. An all-in-one but has duplex and takes high yield cartidges and can be used as stand-alone photocopier for the odd copy.

  mgmcc 07 Sep 12

Just a thought but I've just bought a Samsung CLP-625W colour laser printer which PC World currently have reduced to £99.99, which is just within your original budget ;)

  northumbria61 07 Sep 12

woolwell - Had looked at that one and the previous model SX435 - will keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks for the info.

mgmcc - Thanks - will be taking a look later.

  northumbria61 07 Sep 12

mgmcc Just had a look at your suggestion for the Samsung CLP-365W - appears to be available for £99.99 at PC World, Amazon, John Lewis. I've had mono lasers before (Brother) but the only thing that concerns me is running costs. They appear to quite pricey depending on use of course. I see you have just purchased yours but are compatible toners available?

  mgmcc 07 Sep 12

There are "re-manufactured" toners here but their price is only very slightly less than genuine ones on this site.

Amazon have some cheaper compatibles, but only two packs left in stock. A detailed search would produce more options, but there are obviously sources of compatible toners.

  northumbria61 07 Sep 12

mgmcc - thanks once again. I know the toners will last a long time because I am not a heavy user but looking at replacement toners it would be cheaper to buy a new printer! It is a nice looking printer and the footprint is small so is definitely one for consideration.

The world has gone crazy - and here's me trying to save the planet!


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