Replacement hard drive

  ordep 03 Jan 13

I need to replace the hard drive on a MSI CR500 (model No. 1683)laptop. Ive got the hard drive out but, I've no idea how to order a new one. Any idea's thanks ordep

  Nontek 03 Jan 13

I would try eBay or Amazon.

  Chronos the 2nd 03 Jan 13

Is this your PC?

Any 2.5 HDD will fit. Take your pick.Amazon.

  ordep 03 Jan 13

Thanks for your replies. Plenty of h/d on ebay & Amazon Notec but whitch one.

Yes, that looks like it Chronos.

  ordep 03 Jan 13

On the h/d, there are the numbers. WD500BEVT

  alanrwood 03 Jan 13

So long as you fit the same type of Drive ie SATA or IDE and the size is the same ie 3.5 inch or 2.5 inch, you can fit any drive you want. In your case the existing drive is a 500GB, SATA 2, 2.5 inch drive. Pick any drive of that type. The more expensive ones will spin at 7200rpm whereas the cheaper ones at 5400rpm so have slightly faster access times but they can run hotter requiring good cooling and can make a bit more background noise.

  alanrwood 03 Jan 13

Forgot to add that size does not matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Chronos the 2nd 03 Jan 13
  ordep 03 Jan 13

I was just looking at those Chronos.

So this one would do the job.

  Chronos the 2nd 03 Jan 13

That will be fine, but it does not have to be Western Digital as I said any 2.5 Sata HDD will fit.

  ordep 03 Jan 13

Brilliant! Many thanks every one. ordep


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