replacement cpu prob

  bigboab y 12:50 30 Jan 03

Fitted a cyrix cpu (II-300) (bought via EBAY) to replace suspected faulty one ... it has exactly the same numbers on it... but when I boot up.. all i see is a message "processor speed 66Mhz" on the boot up screen.. and nothing else happens.. the processor is a 75 Mhz one ... any ideas guys/gals

  woodchip 12:55 30 Jan 03

Check all the jumpers are set correctly on the motherboard, You should check the volts of the CPU printed on the CPU, so you set the volts OK on motherboard with it being an old motherboard you will prob have setting printed by the jumpers on the board it should be set to 66Mhz as that’s the internal clock speed although it should run at 75Mhz

  bigboab y 13:00 30 Jan 03

thanks woodchip... but the two cpu's have EXACTLY the same spec .. and I havnt changed anything else on the mobo.. I would have thot it was a straight one out in job

  woodchip 13:09 30 Jan 03

cyrix forgot but they do show a lower speed they are equivalent to a 75Mhz CPU it should be OK at that

  bigboab y 13:13 30 Jan 03

but why does it go no further?? just sits there staring at me

  woodchip 13:16 30 Jan 03

If it's the same prob you got with the other CPU suspect the motherboard. but first remove the drive cables from hard drive and cdrom, see if it will boot so you can get to cmos setup

  woodchip 13:16 30 Jan 03

PS are you getting any beeps

  bigboab y 14:00 30 Jan 03

yes i do get a beep.. but doesnt move on from there... its a SIS 5598 w877 motherboard BTW

  spikeychris 14:17 30 Jan 03

Is there any mention of a serial number on the boot screen?


  bigboab y 15:35 30 Jan 03

wont get back to this for a while ... i'll show resolved and try again later ..thanks all

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