replacement cpu advice needed

  pharte 21:40 30 Jul 05

I am toying with the idea of upgrading my cpu my specs are:

Board: MSI MS-6561 1.0 745 ultra socketA (MS-6561)sis 745 chipset board (designed for AMD Athlon XP/Athlon/Duron processor)

bus clock 100mhz

1.30 gig AMD Athlon XP processor (Athlon xp2100+)

the booklet says it will support up to 1900+mhz cpu

I called in to pc world today and was told that an updated cpu wasn't made any more and to buy a new mainboard and cpu together.

Any advice anyone.....also I was told that if I replaced the cpu I didn't need to use the thermal grease ......

I'm confused..

  Technotiger 21:50 30 Jul 05

Hi, these instructions should help - of course you need thermal paste when changing cpu.

click here

Good luck.


  pharte 21:54 30 Jul 05

I'll file that for later.......any advise on the actual cpu that I can upgrade to ?

  Technotiger 22:00 30 Jul 05

Not an expert on cpu's, but no doubt others will come on and give their advice too.


  dan11 22:05 30 Jul 05

MSI say click here .Support Socket A (Socket 462) AMD® Athlon/Athlon XP/Duron processor up to 2000+MHz but all the links are none exsistant.

So, at a guess, it may take the XP2400+ cpu. This would be a 133Mhz bus with a 15X multiplier. Giving a 2.0Ghz clock speed.

  dagwoood 22:23 30 Jul 05

To further confuse the issue, the Taiwanese MSI site click here says it'll take up to a 2600+.

Either way, as per dan11's post, a CPU with FSB of 266MHz should work. Here's a couple click here

HTH, dagwoood.

  Belatucadrus 22:25 30 Jul 05

According to this list it'll take up to a Thoroughbred AthlonXP 2600+, but will not accept the newer Thornton or Barton cores, or a Sempron.
Retailers aren't going to carry this CPUs, you could try e-bay. But be sure that it has the 266MHz FSB. A brief look seems to indicate that they are scarce and priced accordingly, a MOBO CPU bundle could well be the better value option click here .

  Belatucadrus 22:30 30 Jul 05

Sorry forgot to put in the link to "This list" click here

  dagwoood 22:45 30 Jul 05

ignore my post as I think you board wont like mobile Bartons. I didn't notice the "CPU Support" link on the MSI site that Belatucadrus has now posted.

  dan11 22:56 30 Jul 05

Belatucadrus ;-)

  pharte 23:43 01 Aug 05

am going for a penty 4 and new mobo instead...I was talked into it and will get some cash back for my old ram etc so should be a reasonable deal all round

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