grandad-Barry 18 May 12

Hi can anybody tell me of a motherboard that will fit in my case to replace a motherboard that has died the old one is a (P61WF) Thanks

  KRONOS the First 18 May 12

To answer your question which to say the least is exceedingly sparse in detail is going to be tricky.

Is this your motherboard? Mobo. If so that is a Intel P 111 motherboard. Do you know what processor you have.By the way this is old.

There is one on eBay Mobo+CPU.

  thms 18 May 12

As the previous poster has said a bit more info is required. What kind of case is it going into and what size is the psu?

  grandad-Barry 18 May 12

Hi sorry for not giving enough information the mobo certainly looks identical to mine the case has got packard bell and intel caleron on it and it was running windows XP. Google tells me its a P61WF Motherboard + Intel Celeron 1.2GHz CPU. I was wanting to put a motherboard in that was capable of running windows 7 if it was possible but would that be to costly I suppose? Not sure of the psu but I suppose that would also have to be changed but any other information would be most helpful Thanks.

  Forum Editor 18 May 12

To be honest, you would be better off - if your budget allows - buying a new computer.

  lotvic 18 May 12

Lots of info on ClickHere upgrade motherboard Packard Bell and has chart

If it was me, I would be looking for a brand new computer as your PSU probably won't be powerful enough either and it'll be getting a bit worn out.

  grandad-Barry 19 May 12

Thanks to you all in the bin it goes

  lotvic 19 May 12

Keep the harddrive and any other useful bits that work, Floppy drive, CD drive, Ram memory etc. and cables.

or tell me where your bin is ;-)

  KRONOS the First 19 May 12

* Floppy drive* Useful???? The RAM will be virtually useless also, CD dive will be IDE, most,if not all optical drives these days are Sata.


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