Replace Zip Drive with DVD Writer ?

  iscanut 13:09 10 Feb 07

I have a 100Mb Zip Drive installed in my PC from years ago and no longer use it. I have a DVD read only and CD Writer drives. I wish to ibstall a DVD writer. Can I just disconnect the Zip drive and install the DVD writer in it's place, giving me 3 optical drives. I have Winx XP Sp2. Is it that easy or is there something else I should take into account ?

  Totally-braindead 13:13 10 Feb 07

The only thing I can think of that might cause a problem is DVD writers often have to be the master, if you install it as a slave it MIGHT have problems. My Liteon DVD writer warned me to make it a master rather than a slave.
Apart from that I see no real problem unless there is any sort of power issue with having 3 drives.

  iscanut 19:01 14 Feb 07

Ah well, thanks anyway to Totally-braindead. No one else interested ! Will try it and see.

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