Repairing Damage after Virus attack?

  sad git 15:01 01 Mar 08

Hi, My machine has recently pulled through a bout of the dreaded lurgy, but many programs and games now fail to start up, and uninstalling and reinstalling them does not solve the problem. I'm assuming some kind of essential system files have been damaged by the viruses, I've healed with AVG and tried running a "registry-cleaner". What can I do next, is there some kind of program available that will magically cure everything? Fingers crossed....

  crosstrainer 15:34 01 Mar 08

You could try a repair installation of Windows, but you need to tell us which O/S you are using

  tullie 15:40 01 Mar 08

Hope your anti virus is up to date,i dont think it would have happened if it was.

  sad git 18:35 01 Mar 08

I'm using Windows XP. Is a "repair installation" the same as re-installing Windows? Yike, I hope not.

  Sea Urchin 18:57 01 Mar 08

How to repair Windows XP - not the same as reinstalling Windows

click here

  sad git 20:36 01 Mar 08

Found a weird solution - I've created a new User Profile and logged in using that instead! I have to redo all my settings, but everything works now. Thanks all, I have definitely learned a few things today.

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