repair of scrtched audio CD

  joystick junky 14:48 16 May 04

Help, is it possible to recover tracks on a cd that has been badly scratched, either by means of polishing out the scrath or by wy of a software package that can read beyond the scrtch

  ted bear 14:53 16 May 04

use "cd x rescue" to read the disk - then copy to your hard disk and then burn to new cd. there are products that can repair damaged cd's but iv never tried any so cant comment on how successful they are - maybe someone else has tried them ? cd x rescue was a free on last months pc advisor cd.

  LastChip 14:56 16 May 04

There is a considerable amount of evidence on the internet that GENTLY rubbing the affected area with toothpaste, may recover it enough to read and perhaps transfer to a new medium.

There are also commercially made packs, that claim to be able to recover scratched disc's.

I haven't come across any software making those claims.

  radi8or 15:03 16 May 04

joystick junky,

This any good

click here={42FC959F-1E82-4FE3-873C-D80E45743703}&TRK=10&MC=

bit expensive depends what the disk is worth to you or how many kids you have :o))

Regards Bob

  Stuartli 15:20 16 May 04 the past...:-)

See one previous thread (there are others):

click here


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