Repair scratched discs

  collinsc 16:01 28 Aug 11

Hi Has anyone come across a good way to repair lightly scratched discs? or is there another way to take the data from them?

Ive bought various cheapy gadgets before - which never work!


  collinsc 16:01 28 Aug 11


  Nontek 16:09 28 Aug 11

I use one of these - it is very good!

  collinsc 17:00 28 Aug 11

thanks - i tried that (thats what i was talking about when i said cheapy gadgets), i think it's rubbish! may as well run a damp cloth over them!

  Nontek 17:26 28 Aug 11

Rubbish? I found it to be very good on my discs. Perhaps your scratches are a bit to pronounced. Anyway, I am sorry it did not work for you.

  collinsc 18:03 28 Aug 11

ok, thanks for the suggestion anyhow.

  mooly 18:27 28 Aug 11

This stuff will bring out any depth of scratch if you use enough effort. I have used it many many times on discs belonging to others but it is hard work. If it's a small gouge in the disc then I use a cotton bud cit right down in a low voltage drill. Finish off with a duster and some spray polish... it won't harm the disc in the slightest and the disc will look pristine, no swirl marks or dullness.

  mooly 18:27 28 Aug 11
  collinsc 18:46 28 Aug 11

thanks guys. i have now found that they work on my PS3! Can i copy them from there!? thanks

  mooly 18:51 28 Aug 11

Dunno is the honest answer lol

If it does play in a PS3 and not on your PC then it's marginal. If you haven't already doen so try giving it a good polish with a duster and spray on furniture polish (Mr Sheen type... that's suitable for all surfaces).

  Nontek 18:54 28 Aug 11

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