repair and rebuild laptop

  bert52a 15:12 12 Aug 09

I have been given 2 identical laptops that don't work.Now that I've retired I thought it would be fun to try to salvage working parts and create one working machine out of the 2.In my naive way of thinking I am assuming that they probably didn't stop working because they both had the same problem.
What I think I need is a method for checking the necessary parts item by item to determine which bits are useable.
Is this feasible for someone who's never attempted repirs before?Any suggestions gratefully received.
They both had windows xp on them,

  woodchip 15:14 12 Aug 09

Model Make, as you first need to know how to strip down

  bert52a 15:29 12 Aug 09

acer travelmate230/280 series

  Pineman100 16:24 12 Aug 09

Do you have any information on the respective faults that stopped each of the computers working?

If you could try to ascertain this, it would be much easier for you to decide (a) which computer to fix and which to cannibalise, and (b) which parts to rob from the one that you're cannibalising.

  bert52a 16:37 12 Aug 09

the screen was broken on one and I was told the other one just will no longer startup.Makes a quiet noise as if it's trying to boot from cdrom then just quiet hum possibly the fan.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 12 Aug 09

connect non bootable one to an external monitor and attempt to boot use appropriate Fn +F key to change to external monitor see if you get anything on screen maybe a screen or graphic problem.

do the same with the other to prove it is only the screen that is dead.

  bert52a 16:59 12 Aug 09

thanks will try this

  bert52a 12:06 13 Aug 09

Tried external monitor -got nothing.thanks for the suggestion

  Quiet Life 13:52 13 Aug 09

Interesting project which will give a lot of satisfaction if you succeed .
Manual downloadable from
click here
As a first step:
There are many small bootable linux programs and I would prepare a CD with one on it change bios to boot from CD and see if you can boot. The one with broken screen you would have to connect to a monitor.
These little programs are self contained and if the motherboard and memory are OK should let you get into the laptop's harddrives.

  Quiet Life 14:00 13 Aug 09

The one I use is Nimblex available from here.
click here
I have it both on a thumb drive and CD.
I see your BIOS does not give the option to boot from USB so you would have to do it on a CD

  bert52a 15:06 13 Aug 09

thanks for all the help and encouragement
Now downloading nimblex and will see what happens from there.
this is going to be fun!

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