Repair Job on XP

  User-178362 00:00 09 Feb 07

I understand if one has an XP disk with a product Key, which I have, I should / might be able to repair my problem. Could you please confirm. I deleted word.dot8 in Windows 97, this had my letter attached to it. I now have Windows 2000. The problem followed me from 97 into 2000. I was hoping and thinking installing Word 2000, I would get my back, as things are I still have a word doc with a letter attached that will not go away. My friend as fixed it so that I can get a new page up to put any info on, they are all called the same Spin drier. The problem might be because I had one word doc called doc1 and another called document 1. Any help please. If I can't fix it by Friday I will have to take the PC back to the dealer to be fixed.

  lotvic 00:41 09 Feb 07

As I understand it - you had Office 97 (which used Word8) and you now have Office 2000

Previous thread for 'catchup on background of prob' click here

I do not have any suggestions just yet, but may have some questions to ask when I have pondered awhile.

  Jackcoms 11:35 09 Feb 07

I'm slightly confused.

One moment you're talking about repairing Windows XP and then you're talking about repairing MS Word.

Which do you want to repair?

  User-178362 16:04 09 Feb 07

MS Word, sorry I was thinking one would correct the other.

  Jackcoms 16:20 09 Feb 07

XP and Word perform two completely different functions.

One is an Operating System and the other is a word-processing package. Repairing one will have no effect on the other.

As I believe was suggested in your other thread, have you un-installed and re-installed Word?

  User-178362 16:53 09 Feb 07

Thank you I have been talked through my prob I now have a normal dot, Every thing is AOK. I was told to do what has been surgested on this forum, I remembered parts of it. My mistake was that I never did go and take the dot out of show hiden files and folders. Thats why I started to get goasted pictures. I made one problem two. Thank you every one

  User-178362 23:57 13 Feb 07

Not quite. When I want to save a Doc, I go into Save As. Would you believe there is the title Drier. I still have to delete the name Drier before I can put a new name to my Doc. Then when I want to delete the Doc from "My Documents" folder I can't A wide line goes across the page saying Open, New, Print, etc I cannot delete it. This is going to be the death of me.

  User-178362 17:47 16 Feb 07

Still here and so is the Drier. Do you know how I can stop this title re appearing when I go into Save As.

  User-178362 20:09 25 Feb 07


  Technotiger 21:12 25 Feb 07

Try this free download - run it, and opt to let it repair Automatically.

click here

Have a look at the Screenshot first so that you can see what I mean about Automatic repair.

  Technotiger 21:14 25 Feb 07

PS - click on "Word repair screenshot" in blue letters.

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