Is repair to Flash memory stick error-Possible?

  Kooji 10:59 27 Sep 10

Hi all,

I recent bought an 8 gig flash memory stick. Since yesterday it is not being recognised by the computer. (showing error 43). I've looked on the Microsoft site regarding this error and frankly I can't understand what I've read. My question is this: Is there any way a computer newby like me can repair this fault or do I have to scrap this memory stick and buy a replacement? Idiot proof answers much appreciated.


  gengiscant 11:26 27 Sep 10

Always helpful to include operating system in posts as different o/s's can have different solutions.

How "recently" did you buy stick , could it still be within warranty period ?

  Kooji 11:57 27 Sep 10


I am running on windows 7. Unfortunately the warranty ran out last week.



  gengiscant 14:02 27 Sep 10

look here,click here

  Diemmess 15:51 27 Sep 10

It is sad if the stick really is dud, because there is virtually no chance of correcting a physical error.

Simple things to try:-
Have everything up and running well before plugging the stick in to a usb port.

When you do plug in, do wait up to a minute to see if the computer will pick it up. Some equipment can be very slow to respond.

If you have other USB devices plugged in, take out one existing lead and use that socket for the stick.

Check (Windows XP but should be similar) in Control Panel >System > Hardware > Device Manager, that there are no yellow
triangles with a black exclamation mark inset.
Look at the bottom of the list (USB area).
I think this is unlikely but if there are any of such signs, post back with details.

  Kooji 17:33 27 Sep 10

Hi all
I've tried various solutions throughout the day and I have to conclude that the flash drive has died, which is very frustrating because it cost me £13.00 and only lasted 5 weeks!! Thanks for you input.



  wee eddie 17:35 27 Sep 10

The Stick having been removed without going down the "Safely Remove" Route and it was still writing something at the time.

This is the 'Soft Underbelly' of Memory Sticks and the usual reason for their failure.

Can it be 'Recovered'? That I don't know, but the impression I get is 'No'......

If you have only had it for five weeks, surely its still under warranty ! Take it back to supplier for a replacement.

  wee eddie 09:55 28 Sep 10

I don't think a Warranty works if you have broken it.

  Jameslayer 22:37 04 Oct 10

How do we now he broke it?

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