Renaming hd's in w2k

  MichelleC 09:28 03 Jul 03

Is it ok to just rename my hd's via disk management as they're a bit of a mishmash without causing major probs:

'c' (main hd) 'e' (partition of c) 'd' (is now an external) 'h', 'i', 'j' (slave hd partioned into 3) 'f' (cd-rom) 'g' (dvd-rom)

I think it's not too much of a prob in w2k to have hd's all over the place but it may solve rendering probs I'm having with dv editing.

  AndySD 10:04 03 Jul 03

Its not a problem mostly...

If you have any programs/games installed that check the CD they will not work if you change the CD letter.

You cannot change the C Drive.

You cannot give a drive a letter already assigned to a drive present H to D then rename D to K first.

Otherwise go ahead.

  MichelleC 10:09 03 Jul 03

I'll go ahead. Thanks for that.

  mrdsgs 10:10 03 Jul 03

i endorse the above advice

you can change everything other than your boot drive. I am assuming that all system and programme files are also on C:

so leave that alone and change the rest, including cd drives etc but as andysd says, you may have to "move" some to later alphabet letters first to free up the letter you want because you can only change one drive assignment at a time.

In my case with an 8pc network and lots of shared partitioned drives all with mapped network drive letters I use every letter (even B) from A to Y!


  MichelleC 10:57 03 Jul 03

I had to reboot 6 times but it's done. I'll come back if there's any probs. Thanks again.

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