Removing Windows 2000 Pro

  Veitcy 12:17 01 Jul 03

I upgraded my HP Pavilion from windows 98 to Windows 2000 without checking the HP site first (foolishly) and find that it is not recommended to do so. The reason being that the cd sound card and modem no longer work. I wish to delete windows 2000 and go back to windows 98.There is no problem upgrading but no means of reversing the situation as far as I can see.How do I proceed

  MichelleC 12:25 01 Jul 03

I'm not sure, but I'd say try and sort out your conflicts 1st. When I upgraded from 98se to w2k I had some driver probs which took a while to sort out, but it was well worth it. It's the most stable os.

  zanwalk 13:17 01 Jul 03

I would echo the above comments by MichelleC, there are almost certainly drivers out there for your incompatable components, and it is definitely worth giving it a try.

If you do decide to remove W2K, the only way would be a format and reinstall of W98, making sure before you start that you have got all the necessary software program and driver disks to hand, and of course all your data backed up.

  woodchip 13:38 01 Jul 03

Start with Win98 disc, at the A:\> type fdisk and clear all partitions then you need to rerun fdisk to create a new partition make it active and restart and format the C: drive you will be then able to setup Win98. However if you have a restore disc it may not work now as you have removed partition and there may be a hidden partition with Drivers ect on it.

  woodchip 22:21 01 Jul 03

By e-mail, the reason that I said to use FDISK is it will recreate Master Boot Record as on Win 2000 you may have changed to ntfs format rather than Fat32 and a normal format will not work.

  lahorie 23:53 01 Jul 03

I echo woodchip's thoughts. I upgraded from 98se to 2k pro and found sound card, graphics card and modem wouldn't work. I spent a couple of days downloading drivers etc with only a basic configuration. I tell you , it was well worth it. If you can get the drivers, stick to 2k.

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