removing view pane from explorer

  broggs 13:09 07 Sep 03

When I click on a movie file or picture file in explorer/my computer it appears on the bottom left as a preview.How do I disable this please.

  powerless 13:29 07 Sep 03

Hit "Media" up at the top.

Now the pane should pop out...

Click Media Options, settings, reset preferred types, Click ok.

Next tme a clip asks to be played click NO (i think) and it should open in media player the full size business.

  MAJ 13:30 07 Sep 03

If you're using Win 98 (and my memory isn't failing) you go to View > As a webpage, untick it.

  powerless 13:37 07 Sep 03

After clicking Media Options, click "play web meida in the bar" it will remove the tick.

  broggs 14:34 07 Sep 03

running win2k...Where do I find media options?

  powerless 14:41 07 Sep 03

It should be at the bottom of the pane that slides out.

  broggs 17:36 07 Sep 03

still cant see it powerless.No pane slides out,a prewiew just appears and if you click on the picture the movie starts to play

  wildrover 18:17 07 Sep 03

What about: Tools\internet options\advanced untick 'don't play online content in the media bar'? Although meidia options should be where Powerless says. IE6?

  broggs 18:43 07 Sep 03

Sorry, I mean Windows explorer and my computer, not Internet explorer.

  wildrover 19:54 07 Sep 03

Oops! Sorry, wires crossed.

  wildrover 20:23 07 Sep 03

Have you tried MAJ's tip? See here for what I think is the reverse of your problem and an explanation click here

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