removing threatfire ????

  acein1 08:28 08 Oct 09

hi, has anyone had any trouble removing this program (threatfire), i have read some reports of it causing some trouble for some people,any advise appreciated thanks

  gengiscant 08:51 08 Oct 09

I've used the program of and on for a while and have never experienced problems, but it do use Revo uninstaller as opposed to windows add and remove.

  p;3 13:47 08 Oct 09

of interest, what alternative antivirus protection are you considering using ??

Do you think you are infected?

  acein1 18:58 08 Oct 09

gengiscant,thanks for your reply,when you say you have used it "on and off" im wondering why ?? did you install and uninstall ,??
p;3,thanks ,i dont have any problems ,ive used "threatfire" for about a year no problems,it just rins in the background unnoticed realy.
i was thinking of trying the microsoft "mse" antivirus etc, and my only concern is will t/f conflict with it

  gengiscant 07:54 09 Oct 09

I have a test PC which I try out different software, different tweaks hacks etc so the answer to your question is yes I install and uninstal various programs.

  acein1 08:02 09 Oct 09

thanks to you both,ive uninstalled "threatfire",and im now running "microsoft security essentials",so far so good cheers

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