removing temp files

  RealDopey 10:04 09 Feb 05

I have deleted al my temp files from the internet temp file folder, but everytime I scan with AVG it shows that it is scanning the files I have deleted! This is taking hours, any ideas how to make sure these files are deleted? Thanks

  Jeffers22 10:06 09 Feb 05

Boot into safe mode and delete the entire folder. IE will recreate the folder next time you open it. (Either that or Windows will recreate it at reboot)

  RealDopey 10:18 09 Feb 05

Thanks tried that, but windows says it is a system folder and denies permission

  Sethhaniel 13:05 09 Feb 05

that should do job for you

  EdFrench 13:29 09 Feb 05

There are plenty of cache cleaners about, many of them are free.
They are usaully called something like Clear trace or track cleaner (or some such)

This may not be connected to your specific question but to make absolutely certain (especially after a AV scan), try turning off System Restore, then scan, remember to turn system Restore back on when the scan has finished.
AV scans can pick up problems in the system restore volume. (The place where your restore data is kept) and it does scan it every time.
You can also re-claim quite a bit of HDD space this way.
Turning System Restore off and then back on wipes all previous backups from your HDD so it is a good idea to creat a new Restore point immediately and name it something like 'Good and Clean' (The date is automatically stamped on.)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:30 09 Feb 05

click here and use it in safe mode.


  FelixTCat 14:26 09 Feb 05

Every time you open Internet Explorer you create new temporary internet files. In the days of very slow dial-up connections it saved a lot of time and money.

Do you have a broadband connection? If you do, you don't really need much space for temporary internet files. Go to Control Panel - Internet Options - Temporary Internet Files - Settings and reduce the size to anything you like; 1 MB would be fine. Click OK, then Delete Files...

Even for a dial-up cnnection you can reduce the size.

  RealDopey 16:29 09 Feb 05

Thanks Guys! I've used the ccleaner and changed that file size

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