Removing a server setup

  MIKE. 16:28 22 Aug 07

A close friend of mine has been given a desktop PC that was part of a server system with presumable a domain. The PC is using XP PRO and he wants the PC to act as if it was stand alone machine. Would this change be Possible in particular without reloading windows or is there an alternative method.

  MIKE. 16:58 22 Aug 07


  Thalmus 16:59 22 Aug 07

Yes, right click my computer > properties > computer name > change button. Select member of workgroup, give it any name, I normally jsut type workgroup

  MIKE. 17:01 22 Aug 07

Thanks Thalmus will look into your advice

  MIKE. 21:16 22 Aug 07


  laurieballard 21:23 22 Aug 07

You just need to remove it from the domain and attach it to a workgroup as Thalmus said above. You need to login with an account this has admin rights.

When it asks for the workgroup name just put MSHOME.

This should then remove it from the domain and allow it to work locally as a stand alone machine

  MIKE. 21:31 22 Aug 07

Thanks everyone for your help just a bit nervous incase I crash machine.

  laurieballard 21:32 22 Aug 07

No worries. You wont crash it doing that, def not. We have 4 domains at work so do it quite a lot.

  MIKE. 21:38 22 Aug 07

One more question laurieballard at the moment he logs in using the password admin should I set an additional account as admin but without a password before I change the PC to a workgroup. This would be in case he cannot login after the Domain part is removed

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