Removing and re-installing XP - System disk query

  KATB 11:14 11 Aug 05

My main hard drive has two partitions, C and E. C is the system volume, whilst E is the boot volume (I originally had two operating systems on there). Anybody know how can I make E the system volume (which is a clean partition, just formatted) so that I can install XP on it, and then re-format C to use for data files ? - I would do it the other way and install on C except that Install warned me that the original OS (an old, incorrectly functioning version of XP Pro) could cause problems with the new install.

  xania 12:59 11 Aug 05

I think you may be better off copying your C:\ drive to either a CD/DVD or to a new partition elsewhere on your hard disk, then formatting C: and E:\ and starting from scratch. Alternatively, boot to DOS, reformat E:\, copy C:\ to E:\, reformat c:\ and install XP on C:\.

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