Removing history from Firefox address bar?

  Daibus 13:29 13 Apr 09

What setting must you enable to clear the browsing history from the address bar every time Firefox 3.0.8 is closed?

Many thanks.

  rawprawn 13:45 13 Apr 09

Tools> Options> Privacy> Tick Always Clear Private Data

  Legolas 13:46 13 Apr 09

If you go into tools/options/privacy, and under "Private Data" tick "Always clear my private data when I close Firefox" then at the same area click "settings" and tick the entry for "browsing history" this might do what you want.

  rawprawn 13:47 13 Apr 09

Also make sure none of the "History" boxes are ticked on the same tab

  Daibus 13:49 13 Apr 09

Many thanks for your reply and I have done what you suggested, but the browsing history still shows if you click on the arrow contained in the address bar.

  Legolas 14:13 13 Apr 09

Have a look here although doing what you want if possible at all looks quite complicated in 3.8 click here

  Woolwell 14:28 13 Apr 09

This may help click here

  Daibus 15:15 13 Apr 09

Many thanks for your replies.

I downloaded the Add-on ¨Hide Unvisited 3¨ as you suggested and that has done the trick.

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