Removing folder privacy

  Bjthene 20:14 08 Feb 05

I have just reformatted my C drive, that went fine, but I cannot now access my documents, which are on my D drive, as I had set my documents folder as private. How can I remove the private setting to allow access - I know I should have removed the privacy settings before reformatting.

  stalion 20:23 08 Feb 05

select f and scroll down to file info
click here

  Bjthene 21:29 08 Feb 05

forgot to mention, I'm using XP pro

  Bjthene 23:45 08 Feb 05

Thanks Stalion,I have managed to gain access to the contents of the folder but..... the individual folders inside are now denying me access, I will work at it unless some one knows anything else

  Mikè 00:11 09 Feb 05

Can you not take possesion of them using the security tab?

  SANTOS7 00:19 09 Feb 05

click here this may help.....

  Bjthene 00:53 09 Feb 05

I have just printed out a copy of the article but it is a little late in the night and I am getting tired (God Knows what mistakes I will make while half asleep). Will try tommorow, will keep you posted

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