Removing files not sent to CD.

  Meshuga 22:19 15 Nov 04

I tried to back up files to my CD-RW Disk but it said it could not do so and now I keep getting a balloon with a message saying " You have files waiting to be sent to CD". On the CD-RW Drive E window it shows as a folder marked "Windows" with files in it totalling 1.21 GB. I cannot delete any of this and I get a message saying Cannot delete arialbi.ttf, access denied. Every time I boot up the balloon reappears. How can I get rid of this please. Would a system restore do it. OS isXP HOME SP2. Meshuga.

  Salinger 22:29 15 Nov 04

Doesn't the balloon say "click here to view these files"? 'cos if you click it it should open a window where there is an option to delete them.

  kspatto 22:34 15 Nov 04

had a similar problem when using xp to copy files use a different program ie nero to save your files this seemed to clear the jam on my pc you could also use disc cleanup (in system tools )this will empty your temporary folders (your files to be copied are stored in a temp folder until used)


  Meshuga 22:35 15 Nov 04

I have done that and, as I said in my thread,when I click on the delete a message appears saying cannot delete (see above after 1.21 GB)Meshuga.

  Salinger 22:37 15 Nov 04

Think wiping Temp folders might be the answer ten, as kspatto advised.

  Meshuga 22:38 15 Nov 04

will try that. Meshuga.

  Meshuga 22:48 15 Nov 04

have done as you suggested and temp folders all cleared but the Windows folder still appears in the E drive window. Meshuga.

  Salinger 22:58 15 Nov 04

Sorry, you've lost me now. E: is your CD/RW drive
and you are getting a Window in this?

  Meshuga 23:12 15 Nov 04

if I`ve confused you. What I mean is that when I go to MY Computer and it shows the various drives and I click on the CD-RW drive which is E It shows a folder marked windows and if I click on that it has a load of files in it. This is without having any disc in the drive. Hope this makes more sense. Meshuga.

  Salinger 23:24 15 Nov 04

Thanks makes more sense now, but it will take somebody more qualified to say why this is happening. Obviously, as you know, a CD drive without disk should only say Drive empty or No disk. Weird!

  VoG II 23:31 15 Nov 04

Restart your computer and it should go away.

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