Removing files for good

  RamUK 14:00 14 Feb 06

Hi, I have just sold this pc as I am moving abroad. I was wondering whether anybody knew of any good software that will remove all files that I have created whilst leaving programmes in tact. I am thinking of wiping clear my documents, internet temp files etc, e-mails etc. I did run a business on this pc so I need something that is reasonably good and secure.


  anskyber 14:09 14 Feb 06

I use this which is to a very high standard of deletion/overwrite. It is pay here

  jack 14:22 14 Feb 06

There are many software's out there that allegedly
remove stuff for good- equally there as many that will get it back- if someone is of malevolent intent.

The surest way is remove the disk and substitute a replacement [secondhand] and reload.

  bremner 14:55 14 Feb 06

Download and install Eraser click here

Use eraser to remove the files you want to delete and then set Eraser to overwrite all the unallocated space on the drive.

  Mytob 15:10 14 Feb 06

as mentioned above eraser is good. its free aswell to use though develompent seems to have scesed. the best way to delete stuff is using the gutman algrithom which is available in eraeser and is probibly the safest. but bear in mind that even this is not 100% but its the best you will get though. if you want to delete everything from ur hd including the os use boot and nuke as this will also provide gutman. in the end all data can be recovered but ereaser is one of the best free ones.

  RamUK 23:46 14 Feb 06

Thanks guys

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