Removing filename from registry (XP)

  Bearsy 09:09 21 Feb 03

I uninstalled a Cheyenne Bitware using its uninstall program. It left me with quite a lot of unremoved files, which I deleted manually. However, when I turn the computer on I get a message telling me to delete references to BFSEND.EXE from the registry. I ran REGEDIT but I have no idea where to find references. Can someone tell me please

  matt5705 09:20 21 Feb 03

reunstalling xp

  AndySD 09:21 21 Feb 03

Try using JV16 Power Tools click here

  MAJ 09:30 21 Feb 03

You said you ran regedit but did you use the search function in regedit, Bearsy?. Run regedit, then go to Edit > Find type BFSEND.EXE or BFSEND into the find box and click "Find Next". Regedit will then search through the registry looking for each instance of BFSEND.EXE. When it finds an entry, decide what you want to do with it, then hit F3 to continue searching for the next instance. Remember to back up your registry first before modifying it. I have found "Regcleaner" from the link AndySD posted, to be very good, it also has the advantage that it creates a backup of the things you delete/change, just in case.

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