Removing / deleting a network drive

  number69 20:34 21 Jan 05

When I click on my computer it shows a network drive
of 4 gb. (2gb used 2 gb free), I no longer use the program that required it. If I click disconect it disapears until the next time the computer is switched on, but then it reapears.
How can delete / remove it.
Windows XP pro

  Kegger 21:10 21 Jan 05

Right click 'My computer' and then select 'disconect network drive' highlight the drive you wish to disconect and select OK, this should work permantley unless you have installed a program or batch file to reconect on start up

  number69 22:08 21 Jan 05

Doing that disconects / makes the drive disappear until the computer is restarted. The program that used it is no longer there so i dont know what else would reconect it.

  Kegger 22:18 21 Jan 05

what was the program that you used? it has added an entry / batch file etc which will reconnect until it is removed / deleted every time you reboot. if you can tell me what it is i will track down what you have to do to resolve. Kegger

  number69 22:27 21 Jan 05

The program was from a company that supplies spare parts.It is a catalogue with internet ordering facility and account data. The program was originally installed on 2 networked computers with
the database and account details stored in the virtual drive the idea being that parts could be ordered from either computer.

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