Removing AOL

  Spr 18:49 27 Oct 08

Some how or other AOL has been download onto my PC I have uninstalled it by using And & Remove program. Doing a search I find there are a number of AOL files scattered around my PC is there any program that will clear AOL from my PC.

Also I did a Registry scan I found 660 AOL hiding.

  Forum Member2 18:55 27 Oct 08

I have never ever ever been able to uninstall AOL I just reinstall windows when we left them

  Tony W. 19:24 27 Oct 08

I have used AOL for over 7 years occasionaly when advised by them I would update their software.Sometimes I would uninstall the outdated software before putting on the new one.

Each time I did it I naturally thought all traces of it had been removed. Recently after having so much trouble decided to completely remove it from my system once and for all.

It took well over a week just spending about an hour a day on it before it was all removed its unbelievable how much gets left on and where you find traces of it.

After each session I would use the product CC Cleaner which is excellant which I discovered on this forum.Eventually it was all removed.

Sorry but do not know how to place a link but I found the following very

  Stuartli 19:34 27 Oct 08

>>Sorry but do not know how to place a link>>

Just type in the URL as it appears in the address bar (or copy and paste it) and it will be converted automatically into a Click Here.

  Tony W. 19:51 27 Oct 08

Hi Stuart

Thank you for the Link placing info.Tony.W

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