Remove Windows 8 preview

  Ozy 10 Nov 11

I Had Windows 8 dual booted with Windows 7. I wanted to remove Windows 8. Windows 7 would not let me format Windows 8. I installed Ubuntu 10.10 LIVE, Ubuntu formatted Windows 8 Disk in FAT, (I got rid of Windows 8 boot menu with BSD) now no matter what I tried I could not get Windows 7 to bootup I tried Repair four times that was no good, it just told me it could not repair Windows7, On the formatted Windows 8 disk, I fully installed Ubuntu, to see if it would put a boot menu on, but it did not. On power up it went straight into Ubuntu. I asked Ubuntu to format Windows 7 disk, which it did, I wanted to re install Windows 7. Ubuntu formatted Windows 7 disk in FAT. When I tried to install Windows 7 it would not let me because of FAT, It will only install to NTFS. I will eventually want to uninstall Windows 8 from my wifes computer, and my Laptop, how can I avoid the same thing happening again?.

  lotvic 10 Nov 11

I've not played with W8 like that, but, I think it would have been better to delete the partition rather than format it to FAT. Then you could just start again with the W7 install disk and create a partition and format to NTFS.

  Ozy 10 Nov 11

i could not delete it, i tried Computer/ Manage, right click on the disk, Manage was greyed out

  lotvic 10 Nov 11


Microsoft makes it very clear on the Windows 8 download page that the software cannot be uninstalled.

Can you delete the FAT partition using Ubuntu?

  robin_x 10 Nov 11

Try Partition Wizard Bootable CD for the partition operations.

If/when you get to a non-bootable computer stage, boot the Partition Wizard Boot CD again.

Right click Disk 1, Rebuild MBR, Apply, quit, eject CD and reboot.

Not sure that works but worth a go.

Or rather than a clean install of W7, maybe W7 In Place Upgrade. Something like this

  sharpamat 11 Nov 11

When I initally loaded DP I changed the default program to Win 7. Because of how I installed the DP I formated it from Win 7 without problems,

This left the boot loader, As I then reinstalled DP I needed to change the defaults again.( as it happens I am still useing it )

You first need to ensure Win 7 is the default option when booting up.

This should allow formatting of the partion which hold both the preview and Ubuntu.

If this is not available try disc management consul and remove the partion reboot and useing the disc Management to creat a new partion

I strongley suspect that the only way to completey remove it is returning to factory settings via disc

  Ozy 11 Nov 11

My laptop is an upgrade from Vista, my wifes computer was a base unit and i bought a retail copy of Windows 7, thankyou sharpamat i will follow your sugestion when i uninstall windows 8 from my computers

  sharpamat 12 Nov 11

I have just removed my preview and posted how I did it in Windows 8 Forum


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