Remove voice from songs

  machoe 19:19 26 Feb 06

Hi, I need a program pls to remove voices from songs so I will have only the song playing. Even if I reduce the voice sound it is good also. Is there a program to do this? Thanks.

  stalion 19:24 26 Feb 06

if you have xp there is a sound effect manager in control panel that will do this,only for two channel speaker system though.

  machoe 19:38 26 Feb 06

I cant find it!!!!!!!!! Is there another way pls? Thanks

  stalion 19:48 26 Feb 06

I beleive it can be done with this,also there is a forum for help click here

  remind 19:59 26 Feb 06

If you have Nero, load Nero Wavepad, import a song, select Tools/Karaoke filter.
There's a plugin for Winamp too, pretty old tho - click here

  machoe 20:18 26 Feb 06

Ok I have nero wavepad and i went on tools/karaoke filter. How do i use it please? Thanks

  Pamy 20:27 26 Feb 06
  machoe 20:31 26 Feb 06

Yes I already did that, now what do I do next? Please try to give me the exact steps pls. Thanks

  Pamy 20:34 26 Feb 06

you should look or the download and click on it to download prog to your computer

  machoe 20:35 26 Feb 06

Ok I installed the program. Now what next?

  Pamy 20:38 26 Feb 06

your guess is as good as mine, I have not used it.

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