remove an OS from dual boot

  denchris 19:19 12 Jul 03

hello good people .I installed ( with your help )
a dual system ie: win98se and XPpro a few weeks ago, I have now finally resolved any lingering probs and doubts and I would like to remove the Win98se from my system..may I ask for guidance again ?

  powerless 19:37 12 Jul 03

In Windows XP...

Start > Run > Type: diskmgmt.msc

Click ok.

Highlight the Windows 98 Partition > Right click > Delete.

Windows 98 will now be gone...

Start > Run > Type: C:\boot.ini

Remove the line with windows 98 on it. (if you used the bootloader)

  spikeychris 19:43 12 Jul 03

Are they are the same drive? if so boot to XP and delete all the 98 files. You will then have to edit the boot.ini file so that you will not get offered the options of 98 at startup.

1. In Windows Explorer, click Folder Options on the View menu.

2. On the View tab, click Show All Files , and then click OK .

3. Click the root folder of the local hard disk, right-click the Boot.ini
file, and then click Properties .

4. Click to clear the Read-Only, Hidden, and System check boxes, and then
click OK.

5. Open the Boot.ini file.

6. Remove any entries that no longer point to valid installations of
Windows. ie: windows 98

7. Save the changes to the Boot.ini file,

It should look like the below boot.ini when you have finished.

[boot loader]


[operating systems]


\WINDOWS="Microsoft windows xp
professional" (home) /fastdetect


  spikeychris 19:47 12 Jul 03

All that typing and you do it in 7 lines.

Amendment to mine partition will equal (1)

  denchris 20:29 12 Jul 03

tried yours and delete is grayed out, no can do, looks like I`ll be trying Spikeychris ? I`ll get back hopefully ! !

  denchris 22:42 12 Jul 03

I`m now running XP and all OK :)

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