remove front from evesham desktop pc ?

  Magik ®© 16:06 29 Aug 05

hi, we need to get the front off a evesham PC to replace the floppy drive, side panels are off, but can find no way to get the drive out, sorry dont know model number.......there does not appear to be any screws holding the drive in place, so we assume it comes out from the front.thanks for any help..

  Diemmess 16:25 29 Aug 05

Two things to try

1. On many desktops the plastic front has metal "bosses" which balloon and are split, so a well aimed screwdriver can lever the case front off when about 6 such places need easing. If it is that type then you should be able to see most of them from inside and at the corners.

2. On one case I had to fiddle with recently, there was no need to remove the front because the Floppy and HD were mounted on a steel twin shelf. I could remove the lot if slid sideways to disengage the tabs at the top and bottom of the 'cage'- there may have been one or perhaps two self tappers holding the gizmo

  Magik ®© 16:32 29 Aug 05

thanks, i will pass it on and wait for a reply.

  Taff36 16:47 29 Aug 05

The last Evesham I opened up was simlar to the one you describe. The front plastic panel (with a rounded top)snaps into place. It is secured by 4/6 plastic push fit lugs that protrude into the case through slots at the edges. Work on one side and using a screwdriver gently squeeze them beck out one at a time. I say gently because they will snap, so don`t force them too much.

  Magik ®© 17:35 29 Aug 05

just had the last email from the owner, who is now switching off to have a go at the front panel, so will report back in due course..thanks

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