Remove arrows from desktop shortcuts?

  Colonel Graham 15:12 PM 13 Sep 11

I did a search of the forums with mixed results, most of them years old. What is the latest take on this on Vista, please?

  Woolwell 15:15 PM 13 Sep 11

I haven't any arrows on my vista desktop. Now I have to work out why!

  Woolwell 15:17 PM 13 Sep 11

Hm I was wrong. I have arrows!

  Colonel Graham 15:20 PM 13 Sep 11

I didn't have them until I had to restore to factory.

  Woolwell 15:29 PM 13 Sep 11

As far as I am aware it's a registry change. You can download programs to change it. I doubt that you didn't have arrows when you first got the system.

  Colonel Graham 15:50 PM 13 Sep 11

Found it at MajorGeeks

TweakVI got rid of them. Thanks for looking.

  Colonel Graham 15:53 PM 13 Sep 11
  lotvic 17:40 PM 13 Sep 11

Here's your link to TweakIV on Majorgeeks It's the _ underscores that mess it up, all text between two of them just changes to italics when you paste URL direct into post.

  Colonel Graham 19:39 PM 13 Sep 11
  Colonel Graham 19:41 PM 13 Sep 11


Thanks, one to remember. I'm awarding a green tick for that


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