remove advert panel from ie11 on w10

  howard64 14:45 30 May 16

I want to open up to full screen in ie11 on w10 but cannot find a way to do it. I thought that if I installed Ad Block I would then get full screen but all that has happened is that the adverts do not appear but the panel remains. I want to be able to see my emails without having to scroll sideways.

  howard64 17:39 31 May 16

I now realise that I should have said it is the page I am trying to alter. When using ie11 and/or Google Chrome to look at my emails I cannot see the full message as they go behind the advert panel. The page opens with 3 columns. The left hand one with the folders listed in it can be dragged smaller or larger. The largest center panel carries the messages. The right hand column which either has adverts or when using Adblocker is blank is not adjustable. I would either like to remove this panel or move it to the bottom of the screen leaving the message panel unobstructed. Does anyone know how to do this?

  Govan1x 18:39 31 May 16

You could try pressing f11 to see if that helps. and when you are finished press f11 again.

  howard64 09:46 01 Jun 16

thanks Govan1x it helps but is not perfect long lines are still hidden - it is probably because I have scrolled to get a larger size of text in the emails - once you get to my age normal text appears quite small

  Govan1x 10:09 01 Jun 16


The only other way to do that and I dont know if it would help would be to right click the I/E icon in the taskbar.Then right click internet explorer and click on properties.

Across from run it should be set to normal window. Change that to Maximised then click apply and see if that helps.

  howard64 10:28 01 Jun 16

thanks again but that does no better than f11 - cheers

  Govan1x 10:39 01 Jun 16

Maybe change the zoom under View.

Sorry if no help. I was expecting others to join in who may have been able to give you better information.

  BRYNIT 10:57 01 Jun 16

You could us the mail app in Win 10 to view your emails this does not have the advertisement banner on the right.


From IE/outlook when you click on an email to view you should see to the right of the description a small box next to a downward facing arrow click on this will open the email in full screen.

  howard64 11:28 01 Jun 16

thanks BRYNIT but I cannot see a small box with an arrow - could you guide me to it please

  BRYNIT 15:32 01 Jun 16

This is a section of my page before and after. On the top pic you will notice a small square box half white half grey with a small white arrow, click on this box and it should open removing the advert. Note: it will revert back when you move to another email.

Just looking at your original post

"I want to be able to see my emails without having to scroll sideways".

I do not have to scroll sideways on ie or any other browser. Have you enlarged the page on ie to make it easier to see or do you have the resolution set correctly for your monitor?

  howard64 20:18 01 Jun 16

thanks again BRYNIT I do not have that box - when I have the 2 arrows I have an X next to them as in the lower line in your screen shot and it is escape back to messages. I do not have the top line as in your screen shot.

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