Remote storage

  geesh2004 04 Sep 11

Hi, I run a small business from home, the office however is not attached to the house and I am worried that in the event of a burglary or fire, all my data which is currently stored on a USB HDD in the office, will be lost. The business phone lines, including broadband come directly into the office. I want to set up a 2Tb storage facility in the house which can serve both business and domestic needs. What will be the most cost effective way of doing this? Regards, Keith.

  mgmcc 04 Sep 11

I'm not clear why you're storing all of your data in an external USB drive rather than in the PC itself. If you were to do that, you could use an imaging program (such as "Acronis True Image") to create a daily backup of the PC's entire hard drive in the external USB drive. The USB drive could then be physically moved into the house so that you have the data in both locations.

  geesh2004 04 Sep 11

Hi mgmcc, it is an external USB drive, but I'm often away and would not necessarily remove the the drive to the house. What I would like is a wireless system so that I could run automatic backups for the office, whilst using it for music etc in the house. BR, Keith

  mgmcc 04 Sep 11

If you have a PC in the house which can wirelessly access a router in the office, you could run a synchronisation program in order to have a copy of the work data in the house. I use Allway Sync to keep data in multiple computers sync'd.

  geesh2004 04 Sep 11

Thanks mgmcc, but I need a lot of storage and don't want office stuff on the home PC.

  mgmcc 04 Sep 11

OK, I don't know the answer. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can suggest a solution.

  Lazarus The 2nd 05 Sep 11

Have a look at this to see if it's what you want,

LaCie 2TB Wireless Space NAS Ethernet / USB 2.0

Click here


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