Remote publish to Wordpress blog from Android mobile

  grumpy-git 23:02 PM 07 Aug 12

I host a wordpress blog & in the past used a cheap mobile to add a post via email.

Now I use a Huawei G300 and tried setting it up to email a post. Everything works, the posting appears on the blog with the correct "subject" but the body of the message is all jumbled text.

For example, if I send Abcde as the message, it comes through as QWJjZGU=

A copy of the email I send appears in my email folder with the correct message, so wordpress is jumbling it up somewhere?

Any ideas? I have searched for a solution but found nothing. I know I could log in to the blog from the mobile, but an e-mail is quicker.

  grumpy-git 22:52 PM 08 Aug 12

Spent another hour or two experimenting but no luck.

Tried from the G300 mobile using gmail account, still get jumbled text in wordpress post even though the actual email that goes to my mailbox is correct. Something goes wrong when it is sent to the wordpress blog.

Think I'll give up on this now.

  Taff™ 08:16 AM 09 Aug 12

Which app are you using in the wordpress blog?

  grumpy-git 09:58 AM 09 Aug 12

Not using any app, just trying to post by email, the way I used to do with the old mobile.

I hadn't done that for about a year, so at what stage it might have stopped working with that old mobile, I don't know.

Wordpress version is 3.4

  Taff™ 11:44 AM 09 Aug 12

I tried the standard app (Plugin) that comes with Wordpress 3.4 and it didn't work for me either. Instead I used Postie which works perfectly. Postie Blog The only problem is that it doesn't appear in the Wordpress Plugin Directory now. Don't know if that is a temporary thing. Maybe you can find it elsewhere.

  grumpy-git 16:43 PM 09 Aug 12

Taff, just looked for Postie, and as you say - it's not there any more.

Don't think I'll lose too much sleep over it at the moment, but if anybody else has any ideas on this email problem with wordpress 3.4 ?????


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