Remote assistance with XP Home.

  Sapins 10:30 09 Mar 04

Hi all,

I am trying to invite a friend to help with a problem and I cannot get Remote Assistance to work. When I go to use e-mail, Outlook Express, I get the following message.

"Outlook Express is not set up."

Remote Assistance is either incompatible with the default e-mail program on this computer, or could not detect a default e-mail account." Clicking on "Set up Outlook Express" does not work.

I only have Outlook Express and we are both on XP Home. I do not have Windows Messenger.

Any help very welcome,



  anon1 10:34 09 Mar 04

I would suggest you both get windows messenger and go via that route, you can always remove it after you have done.

  anon1 10:37 09 Mar 04

or click here
you need administrator rights on both machines

  Sapins 10:42 09 Mar 04

Hi anon1, I was thinking Windows Messinger would be better because we could use a microphone and talk to each other.

  Sapins 12:55 09 Mar 04

Hi ßéLâ, I have re-installed Windows Messenger, still cannot use RA!!!


  Rigga 13:21 09 Mar 04

An alternative to RA..

click here

Called RealVNC, It's supposed to be quite good.


  Sapins 17:47 09 Mar 04

Hi rigga, Have downloaded the RealVNC will look it over later, thanks.

ßéLâ, I think (Hope) RA will work now, I have checked it with a contact and it seems to be following all the right steps. There is no way I will re-install windows XP, I would rather use the phone -:(, still thanks for all the help guys, it is much appreciated.



I use and is a great freebie!

Well worth it!

  BarneyCGL 21:39 18 Sep 04

I tried for a few hours to get Remote Assistance to work and could only manage it one way - must be some strange set up on the Firewalls.

I gave up and tried VNC. Got it going in 30 minutes including downloading and installing.

2 tips:
1) use the User-mode server for simplicity, and 2) disable the XP Remote Assistance (right click My Computer/Properties/Remote then clear the tick box for Remote Assistance). This avoids a "connection reset by peer" error

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